My Dream Job

Exploring, learning, discovering. Those three things combined into one career: that would be my dream job, a diving scientist. I would always be working out in the field, or in my case the ocean.  Growing up, living by the beach, waking up to hungry eagles feasting on halibut or gigantic waves crashing over barriers on to my lawn, how could I ever be without that? I would never want to end up working in front of a computer all day, or selling things from overseas in a big department store. My mom worked in dive tourism and I have always loved academics. A diving scientist is a perfect job for me. One of the reasons why I want to be a scientist is that I would be learning every day, and discovering things to help sea creatures and the environment. I love the sea and have a drive to protect it. My mom also cares a lot about our environment; I grew up taking months out of school to go fight for our oceans on protests. I wouldn’t want to be someone who just sits for so long they develop sitting disease and care about nothing all day. By becoming a diving scientist I could carry on that hope. Another reason I would want to be a diving scientist is that most scientists have a very well paying salary. I know what it is like to worry about money, and I want to be well off when I am older. I don’t have any desire to be a millionaire; however I would like to have a nice house on the sea side and a boat to go fishing with. The third reason I want to be a diving scientist is I know I would have so much fun pursuing my career every day. If I ever had a reason to be stressed, having a job I loved to do would make everything easier. I admire nature’s beauty and have always been curious of what lies below the surface. For those reasons – learning about the sea, protecting our oceans, having a good paying salary and enjoying my job- I know a diving scientist would be a fabulous career for me, an island girl. I can hardly wait to start diving and go to university. I am only in grade 7, although I have a pretty clear idea of what I want to be.

BC Ferries Is Amazing!

Sitting on deck 3, reading Percy Jackson-The battle of the labyrinth. The Quadra Queen pulls away from Malcolm Island, heading for Pmac. I rearrange my backpack so my karate gi is easy to get out when I get to my dojo in Port Hardy. Joe the ferry guy says goodbye as I leave and head for Mugz. Ken, a family friend, who also takes karate classes, is supposed to pick me up at Mugz, however he drove right by me and to the ferry, where I was not, so I ended up running to catch him.

On the drive to Hardy we talked about my 63 year old Grandpa who is a workaholic because it was his birthday, May 7. I also tried to talk about how we would have to leave class at 7:00 so I could get on the 7:40 ferry that goes to Alert Bay then Sointula. I would get home an hour earlier and I wouldn’t have to wait around in McNeill late at night.

My Karate class was fairly good; there was an attendance of 19 students. I definitely would say I broke a sweat, it is karate after all. I glanced at the clock at saw it was 5 to 7. Ok, I thought, I’ve got five minutes. The class started stretching and I glanced at the clock again and it said 7 past 7! I read the clock wrong the first time. Uh, oh! I told Ken and asked permission to leave class. I bow at the door to give respect and ran to the car.

The whole drive I was praying to some god or goddess, since I’m not religious I don’t really know of any gods that I should ask something of, other than the Greek ones in the book I’m reading, and that would require burning food. I did not have time for that. Ken was going way faster than the speed limit. (shh, don’t tell) We decided to take the gravel road, which was a little bit of a shortcut to town. Luckily some very nice people had paved most of the gravel road so we could go even faster, and that mattered a lot.

Ken dropped me off, the ferry was in the dock and I could see the last few cars about to get on the Quadra Queen Car deck. I asked the lady, “Can I still get on” and she said no. “Please, I’m a really fast sprinter, I’m from karate so I am free anyways I tell Joe I don’t have a ticket, just please let me on” I begged her. Ken had pulled away now and I needed to catch this ferry. She looked and me and told me I still need to fill out the sheet. I reached through the glass and grabbed the sheet, scribbled my name a few times and she gave me my ticket. I ran like the wind! Joe! Joe! I called. “I made it!”

“I would have waited for you anyways” he said with a wink. “You just missed the white sided dolphins that when by”

“oh..” I said, out of breath. I was just happy I had made the ferry. Paul and another BC Ferries employee were still fitting the last car on deck as I was walking on, with a giant smile on my face.

In Alert Bay I decided to go down to “supervise” with Joe, the first mate. I guess I was doing an alright job, Because Steven the “troll” decided I was hired for $24.50 an hour. Steven had also decided that wild berry frozen yogurt was not the kind he asked for and that someone was going to get in *Bleep* for buying the wrong kind. Since I was “supervising” I decided there would be no foul language on deck, and I told him that, although I was being sarcastic.

Only one passenger came aboard and some call him “Wild Bill” his dog had a USB cord tied to its collar and he looked a bit out of it. I decided to look for boats with Joe. As part of his job he has to see if there is any boat traffic every time and report back to the captain. The captain’s name is Cameron; apparently he is one of the nicer captains that drive the Quadra Queen. Joe invited me to come up to the wheel house. I really wanted to and was glad he said that. He told Cameron and then I got to sit in Joe’s first mate chair as he served me hot chocolate and frozen yogurt.

Cameron was telling me how long he had to go to school and how many years it took him to become a captain. Joe was telling me about the screen that shows everything on the water and we scouted out a little speed boat and figured out where it would be in six minutes. Paul was steering and making sure that Joe knew he had his own spoon for the wild berry yogurt.

Jodi, a lady from deck 1, came up to talk and show some pictures of creepy dolls her friend bought her. We were only about half way to Sointula and she asked me if I wanted to see the engine room. I had never been there before and I was excited about it. I said my goodbyes and thank you’s to the captain before I left with Jodi down into deck 1.

Steven, the troll was sitting in his chair in the control room. Jodi and he were telling me about how they could take control of the boat anytime they wanted to; they were laughing a lot to, which made me laugh.

Jodi took me to the hallway were we put on some head ear noise protector things, I can’t remember what they call them. The door opened like those alien movies with the wind and noise, it was cool! In the engine room Jodi was trying to tell me what everything did, which was difficult to understand because even with her yelling through the noise, I still couldn’t understand. All I asked was

“Is that duct tape?” which apparently it was. I saw the propeller shafts and the engines and well… everything that makes the ship work its magic.

When we docked I said goodbye to Jodi and Steven the troll and headed home from an amazing ferry trip I would never forget.

Salmon “Dream” Team

   School wide salmon, no thanks! For years DFO has been sending employees to schools to “teach” kids about salmon and how they live. Schools all over have been partaking in raising different species of hatchery Salmon from eggs and releasing them in their local rivers. I don’t like this at all, whereas most people from my school choose to believe that they are helping the Coho. DFO has no intentions to sample the Salmon they bring to our school. If the Salmon they supply have diseases or viruses they could be endangering our indigenous fish.

   In Sointula, our river stream is less than 1 meter away from the road. If the hatchery fish are not hurting our local salmon, they are being set “free” in a place that could possibly be hurting them. I don’t believe hatcheries are the answer to populating Salmon. I know that if we, humans can eliminate Salmon feedlots and carelessness for our environment, we may be able to bring back strong Salmon runs once again.

So, I am just asking that A.J Elliott elementary school not participate. Sointula, a place of harmony, should be more cautious.

Science Fair

March 13, 2014. A dreaded day to some AJ Elliott students. Today was the… SCIENCE FAIR! Not nearly 100 projects filled the gymnasium, stressed out kids awaited their calling. My muscles tense as my principal enters the room, I cautiously ask, “Am I next?” And strangely enough, I had guessed right. (I was the only one left) Even though I had spent many nights at one of the judges houses, (My friends mom) My nervous system was bouncing off the wall like they were on a sugar high. My squeaky leather boots make me look really awkward while I stride over to my project. My friends mom, Jen, tells me she loves my boots and that Molly might have to borrow them so she can wear them. Ok my nervous system sugar high just crashed. Phewww, I manage a laugh. I could say that the rest of the interview went fairly smoothly, except the occasional, “That’s a difficult question.” My study about the killer whales brain was interesting, however my human brain wasn’t proud of it. I knew there were a cou… lot of things I could fix. Being me – amazing, wonderful, I could go on – I got a FIRST PLACE ribbon. My Mother laughed at me.

Ten minutes later she stopped laughing and managed a giggling “Good for, he he, you, he he.” Thanks Mom, you always know how to make me feel special…. NEEDS.

Luckily, science fair was early this year at AJ, so I have three weeks to give it my all. Sounds like so much fun. 🙂 NOT, haha jk, bye.

Learning :)

In school I try to mainly focus on… everything. I like to try hard and get good marks. I try so hard and beat myself up when I don’t do a fantastic job, that my mom tells me she will pay me $20 for every C I get this term and 10$ for an A. I always get A’s.  I have only ever had one B. Then again I have only had letter grades for a few years. I love math and science. In my spare time I watch science videos and ask my family for math questions. I downloaded a French app on my IPad mini because we only have French once a month. Every time I find a piece of blank paper I write the alphabet, in handwriting, printing and I always write, the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. I feel as though I have a disease.

I am a perfectionist, especially when it comes to written projects. I love having the best presentation and the highest mark. My mom says I need to be less competitive in things like “being the best” although that is very hard for me to do. I have a very competitive family. I am talking great grandpa racing my little cousin for the soccer ball and whipping out while everyone (except me, because I am a worry freak) laughs their heads off.

Back to school, I have an upcoming science project and socials presentation that I am trying not to worry about. I think I will be ok. I am trying to not try so hard and be hard on myself. However that sounds like I’m trying hard. Ha ha, I can do it.

Eyed Eggs At AJ

January 23, 2014 a lady who works for D.F.O (Department of Fish Obituary’s)(Destruction of Fish and Oceans) and is employed at the Quatse Stewartship Centre came to our school with fertilized eyed eggs. The intermediate class has a few kids that formed a dream team and are looking after the chum salmon eggs.

Most of my life has revolved around salmon. I grew up with my mom, she has a great design with a salmon skeleton. The bones in the salmon spell W.I.L.D. Her and Alexandra Morton teamed up and tried to take down salmon farms. Alex is still fighting, although my mom got ammonia and quit.

I took time out of my grade 4 year and travelled all over British Columbia, chasing the 2010 sockeye run. We tested thousands of fish, each costing hundreds of dollars. We talked to government, I met some really snobby people like Adrian Dick, oops I mean Dix, however he is a dick. Not all people in government are bad, although a lot of them are not very nice. My all-time favorite protest sign is Christy Clark Is The Bully!!! Ha ha, anyway….

The salmon dream team is going to “help” these eggs grow in a tank and then set them free in ruff bay creek, without being tested for disease’s. Our school is practically being blindfolded. We could spread disease and virus into OUR rivers and oceans. BAD. The lady talked about how important it is for them to return to the place they were first born, yet she wants us to take them from who knows where and put them in OUR creek. I don’t agree with it, but I know from personal experience, they only laugh in your face.


Every Saturday I attend a Karate class in the dance studio. I just got my yellow belt. I have not done the testing yet, although my Sensei and his wife have told me that I am getting my yellow belt for sure. They are both black belts. My Sensei, Ivan DeToro is a sixth degree blackbelt, the highest on Vancouver Island. We really need a full attendance or more students for him to continue coming and teaching us. He takes five hours on Saturday to get here, teach us and get back to Port Hardy. My Sensei is one of the nicest people I know and he is amazing at teaching Karate.

We really need more people in our Karate classes. Saturdays at 1:40 pm at the dance studio. Jamie has more details.


This Halloween I went trick or treating with Molly, Bessy, Dexter, Robert, Hopie and Chelsea. I was dressed up as dead BC ferries employee. I had one coloured contact in my left eye that scared the whole town. I bought a professional wound kit and my face was covered in gory gashes. I was scary and I liked it.  Molly was a hip skateboard chick. She totally played the part all day. Bessy was a pirate. Dex had his face unzipped, it was pretty awesome and scary. Robert was a pirate as well. Hopie and Chelsea almost bought the same costume but luckily Hopie was a zebra and Chelsea was a cat. We had lots of fun and most important got lots of candy! Dex, Molly, Hopie, Robert and I left the rest of the group right before the fireworks to get more candy. The fireworks were not as late as we had expected so when we saw them from Merna’s deck we headed down the back road behind the school. It was pitch black so we all linked arms and Dex brought  out his Ipod for light. We arrived at the fireworks just as they had ended and didn’t even care because we had so much fun. Halloween was awesome, I think I already know what I am going to be next year.

Dock Adrenaline

Over the summer, just before school I jumped off the dock with my friends Molly and Rorie. It was a lot of fun and the adrenaline was amazingly awesome. I had never jumped off the ferry dock before but I know I am going to again next summer. The water was very cold but it doesn’t bother me at all. My mother always called me “Baby Beluga”

One of the pictures my mom took made the ripple. In the picture Molly and I are making silly and awesome faces and Rorie looks like she is flying. One jump molly and I took we jumped entirely in sink. The picture looks like one person is jumping instead of two. I put the seven shots together in a collage and it looks really cool.

I am looking forward to jumping off the dock next summer, or maybe I won`t wait.